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Hi, I’m Quinn Pittman. I started milking a small herd of goats when I was 9. I’m 15 now and with the help of my family we create hand crafted items for your home. Our goat milk soaps and shampoos are appreciated for their silky smoothness and rich lather. Goat milk adds the nutrients your skin and hair need to stay soft.


My name is Quinn Pittman. I’m 15-years-old and I make the best goat milk soap you’ll find anywhere!
When I was 6-years-old I told my parents I wanted some goats for my birthday so that I could milk the goats and make cheese. My parents thought this was something that would eventually pass and that I would want some video games or something else that most kids my age would want for a birthday present.
But I never changed my mind. I wanted goats!
We live in a rural part of Florida and have chickens, ducks, quails, and rabbits, but I just knew I wanted goats.
It took a couple of years to convince them, but eventually I did. On my 9th birthday my parents gave me two Nigerian Dwarf goats, which are said to have sweet and creamy milk. They’re also small enough for a 9-year-old boy to handle.  
And handle them I did! With help from my mom, I learned to care for, breed, and milk the goats.
I started off by making cheese and today I am a maker of goat milk cheese, ice cream, yogurt, and soap.
I now have a large enough herd that I can make goat milk soap for you!
With help from my dad, we also make wooden soap dishes from the trees that have fallen from storms on our land – magnolia, live oak, scrub oak, hickory, and walnut.
Friends tell me they love the soap I make, and I can’t wait to hear from you! 
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